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Holme & Co. has been active in the maritime field as far back as 1866 and was the first Shipping Agency in Naples to organise and prepare the embarking and disembarking procedure for “fly cruises” operations with Cruise Liners that called at Naples with young students on cultural cruises visiting our town and famous archaeological sites such as Pompeii etc.

At present Holme & Co. continues to be very active as Shipping Agents offering its services with professionalism and efficiency thanks to the experience gained from over a century in this field. The Company looks after the huge modern Cruise liners which in one day only can have a movement of over 3000 passengers. Our staff is always available and offer all the required assistance which a Shipping Agent has to provide covering all the various needs and assistance required.

At present Holme & Co represents also famous shipping Companies such as P.& O Southampton, Ocean Village, Cunard and Crystal Cruises owner of modern and luxury ships.

Apart from Naples our Company operates in Sorrento where several cruise liners anchor off and in other ports in the region of Campania and even further if required.

Cargo Department

Our activities are not limited to cruising but also extend to “heavy lift” and “project cargo” where, thanks to our longstanding know-how and expertise, our staff are able to assist the Shipowners and Charterers to deal with these goods which are being shipped to numerous ports within the Italian territory, in a most professional manner,  availing ourselves of our vast net-work throughout Italy.

Our competence also extends to normal cargo ships calling at Naples and in other Italian ports, carrying bulk and general cargoes, liquids and containers, giving the best possible assistance with the required Customs’ operations, contacts with the competent Port and Maritime Authorities,  technical assistance during loading and discharging operations and all other routine services required by the ships including crew movements etc.

Our services, when requested, also cover technical supervision and assistance, for loading, discharging, stowing and storage, both for short and long term periods with watchmen services, tally management, heavy lift and oversize pieces inland transportation.


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