This department has various aspects, amongst which:

  1. P&I: in our capacity of commercial correspondents for P&I Clubs and P&I companies, shipowners and carriers.
  2. Cargo Insurance/Transport – damage, surveys and recoveries

P&I Correspondents

Holme & Co is commercial correspondent for Naples, surrounding areas and other ports for P&I companies. We deal with problems of whatsoever nature in the interests of shipowners ad P&I, availing ourselves of the know-how of our professional staff, expert external surveyors and where necessary also prestigious legal offices specialised in the maritime field, resolving with the professionalism we are renowned for. The survey reports are issued without prejudice and are subject to terms and conditions of P&I coverage or insurance conditions. We represent:

  • The United Kingdom Mutual S/S P&I,
  • Standard Steamship, UK
  • Steamship Mutual, UK
  • British Marine Managers, UK
  • Shipowners' P&I, UK
  • Britannia Steamship, UK
  • Intercoastal, The Netherlands
  • Raetsclub, The Netherlands
  • Tindal Riley Marine (H&M), UK
  • Japan Shipowners’ Mutual P&I Assoc,
  • Korean P&I,
  • T.I.S. UK,
  • Hanseatic P&I, Germany
  • Through Transport, UK
  • Beazley P&I, UK
  • Southern Seas, 
  • Ingosstrakh, Russia
  • Russian P&I


Where required and requested by shipowners and/or P&I, we also take into consideration and deal with claims on a without prejudice basis, evaluating the eventual validity or otherwise of the claims in order to reach without prejudice amicable settlements on best possible terms, always in the interests of our principals but opting also to take the matter to court where warranted. In this case we avail ourselves of extremely professional maritime lawyers defending the claims in the best possible manner.

Recovery action

these claims are dealt with directly or with legal assistance, often on a “no cure no pay” basis.

Assistance with holiday travel policies

We represent or assist insurance companies giving coverage to holidaymakers and tourists during their travels where the tourists are or surgery. Thanks again to our experience we are able to organise and arrange medical attention, visits, analysis, Xrays, personal moral assistance during admittance or detention in hospital, urgent transport/flights and repatriation.

Cargo Insurance/Transport

Holme & Co also works in this sector as survey agents for a great number of cargo assurers carrying out eventual joint surveys, assessing damage, commenting on the causes of eventual damage and then issuing survey reports including supporting documentation for the use of the settling agents. Our assistance can also be rendered throughout Italy availing ourselves of the network of collaborators, surveyors and correspondents.

Just some of the insurance companies for whom we act as survey agents are indicated hereafter in alphabetical order:

  • ACE,
  • AIMU,
  • Allianz,
  • AXA,
  • Chubb,
  • MOAC,
  • W.E. Cox,
  • W.H.McGee,
  • W.K. Webster,

These are just a number of the many companies for whom we act as survey agents and who indicate our name in their insurance policies for assistance in the case of alleged damage or loss.


Our Certificates of Damage are issued after survey and include the supporting documentation gathered, thus facilitating the settling agents and the insurance company in their consideration of the claim, the course of events and probable causes of damage. Where preferred or warranted, No Survey Reports are issued as opposed to actual survey reports, this being where the loss or damage does not warrant survey costs.


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We pledge to respect the confidentiality of data trasmitted to us.

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