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Holme & Co. operates in this field from well over half a Century and during the course of these last decades Holme & Co. has and is servicing Important Foreign Insurers, such as Aviva (formerly Norwich Union), Summit - Amlin and other European ones and has acted as Fiscal and Claims Representatives with Legal representation thus gaining vast experience also in this sector, and also in respect of the 4th EU Motor Directive.

Holme & Co. also collaborates with the Italian Bureau (UCI of Milan) which assigns the handling of claims related to Foreign Insurers who do not have direct Correspondents and also assists the Bureau in the issuances of Green card to Foreign Visitors as a Border office.

Holme & Co. Can proudly consider itself a trustworthy and professional Company with ample knowledge of international Conventions, of the InterBureau guidelines and Directives, and also thanks to the continuos contacts and partecipations of the Italian Bureau meetings and dealing also with claims assigned by the Bureau itself concerning insureds of other Foreign Companies.

Apart from its Central Office in Naples, Holme & Co. Has claims offices in other Italian Cities and has created a network of trustworthy collaborators (assessors, investigators, doctors and lawyers) which allow the Company to give all the necessary and efficient services to their clients and its insurers.

Holme Organisations has at its disposal a bilingual staff qualified in the handling of claims, always up dated with all programs and international claim settling directives and modern technology to assist them in the reconstruction of accidents, valuation of property claims and bodily Injuries of any entity.A team of young adjusters and professional experts are completely up dated with the claims settling systems and criteria both on the legal and medical side thus effecting appropriate and fair settlements  avoiding unnecessary Court Cases. The availability of a Claims Program which can be easily consulted on the website by any client of Holme & Co- in the full respect of the privacy Law with appropriate passwords etc- gives the possibility to keep them constantly informed on the status of the file and of any new claims opened.

Comprehensive Claims and Recoveries

The team " OD and Recovery" looks after the claims under the comprehensive section of the Policy and all services connected with it  (repairs, recovery of vehicles, repatriation, legal intervention to release any seized vehicle, and scrapping of total losses) in collaboration with repair shops and body shops under convention or independent. This team is always in touch with claims offices of Italian Insurers to recover any amounts  paid by our Principals under the Policy and also directly on behalf of private clients.

Foreign Claims

Holme & CO. by representing various Foreign Insurers act for them under the 4th European Directive which became effective in Europe in 2003. European citizens and in our cas Italians, who have had an accident abroad can claim the damages sustained, material and bodily injury, in their own country, and consequently we can deal with any claims abroad having no problems both for the language and relative handling of them.

Experts and Survey

As mentioned above Holme & Co has a large network of collaborators on the Italian territory including survey experts, investigators and others and their operations are followed by our offices as per instructions of our Principals too.


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