Holme & Co. was founded in Naples in 1866 by Richard and Edward Holme opening to commercial services in the Marittime Business and subsequently to the Insurance activities connected with the United Kingdom and its colonies.

During 1948 the British Company Mitchell Cotts relieved Holme & Co. and was assigned and managed by Mr. Gilbert S. Harrison, former officer in the Royal Navy

In 1968 Holme & Co. became anindependent Italian Company and it is now run by Mrs Andrina Harrison, Mr. Marvell Markowicz and Ing. Giogio Avolio de Martino and their respective sons and daughters who are part of the Company Board of Directors.

In almost 150 years of History Holme & Co. has been proud of having kept the principles of “Courtesy, Quality and Efficiency” which its founders inspired from the beginning and which principles have always placed the Company on top line amongst its competitors giving her the priviledges to be a leader as a Company of Insurance and Shipping Services.

Holme & Co. from the beginning of the 20th centuty was the agent of the former P.&O. Steam navigation Company, Orient Lines, British India and several other leading British Shipping Companies. Has been Lloyds Agents up to middle 50s and up to present times Correspondent of P.&I. Clubs, mostly British, Claims Settling Agents for numerous worldwide Insurers and Representatives of a number of Motor Car Insurance Companies. Hence the business exercised by Holme & Co, is focussed in the following main activities:

  • Marine Insurance , P. & I.  And Huill & Machinery Correspondents
  • Shipping Agency – Cruising and  Heavy Lift and General Cargoes-
  • Motor Car Claims, Comprehensive damages and Subrogations

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